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Estimating cost to build a house

Calculating total cost to build a house in 2020

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Purchasing landArea and lot size impact the cost of a land to build a new house tremendously. Even in the same city land has different value. In certain neighborhoods 35’ x 125’ lot can be purchased for less than $5,000 while in the other part of a city same size lot can be sold for over $250,000. Waterfront or amazing nature view will raise the value of property as well.

Average costs to build new house

There is no averages can be define because all depend on difficulty of work and types of materials used. On the lowest end two story three bedroom, two bathroom 1,900 ft2 house can be build for approximately $210,000 or $110 per square foot. Same dimensions custom designed home with complex arches, tray ceilings, fireplaces plus premium quality materials and fixtures can easily cost over $600,000 to build not counting additional investments in the purchasing land.

Additional considerations

Building a new house is a complex step-by-step process and there are hundreds other extra expenses you should always count on from installation of door locks to post construction cleaning and landscaping. Building a new house by self normally cheaper compare to hiring a general contractor or builder, but before thinking about savings always evaluate your ability to manage the construction project successfully.