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Estimating bathroom remodeling cost

Main factors affecting the cost of bathroom renovation

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Planning and preparationNormally, a designer will charge $80 - $120 per hour to design future bathroom. Architect will be even more expensive, but many homeowners are able to perform planning part by self simply explaining to a remodeling contractor every detail of a project. Demolishing an old bathroom is a first step from what actual work in the house begins. On average, expect to pay $900 - $1,300 for removing and hauling away all fixtures, tile, backer boards, drywall and getting the bathroom ready for rough-in plumbing and electrical.

Average cost of bathroom renovation

How much does it cost to remodel a bathroom is a first question homeowners want to figure out while planning the budget for such project. But gross expenses will depend on what must be done. Total bathroom renovation cost will be calculated based on work complexity including type of materials fixtures and finishing products which have to be purchased to complete the project. On the low end four – five thousands might be enough for simple 5’ x 8’ bath refreshment. High end remodeling of 9’ x 12’ bathroom can be estimated well over $50,000 or $463 per square foot.