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Electric cars advantages


Electric vehicles are using electricity as a source of energy to power the car. EVs have significant advantages over conventional automobiles which use petroleum or diesel for generating the power. Any driver should be definitely evaluate all pros and cons while shopping for a new auto and make a right selection according to personal requirements.

Cost to operate

Electricity is much cheaper than gas or diesel. Cost to drive a mile on EV will be a few times lower than pay for traditional fuel. Even hybrid cars except plug-ins cannot be compared to fully electric vehicles when it comes to fuel economy.


There are no oil changes, filters replacements, or other regular services needed because many automobile systems which are essential for conventional vehicles are eliminated. Much simpler mechanism of electric cars requires less maintenance and tends to be more reliable.

High efficiency

Unlike internal combustion engine when most of power created from burning the fuel simply wasted, accumulated in the battery energy converts to the power much more efficiently and much higher percentage is used for actual moving a car.


Pollution factor

Electric vehicles do not pollute air because no toxic gases emit while operating such auto. There are definitely will be a pollution if electricity for charging batteries will be generated by burning coal, natural gas or other types of fossil fuel. But even consider this factor driving electric cars will be much cleaner and do not harm the environment as much as vehicles equipped with internal combustion engines. In case of generating electricity from renewable energy sources such as sun or wind, electric cars will be close to a 100% green option.

No noise

Electric motor is very quiet and you don’t hear the noise coming from under the hood or exhaust pipe, which simply doesn’t exist in fully electric car.


Batteries which power electric cars are made from recyclable materials which can be potentially reused for manufacturing new batteries. Ones it will reach commercially reasonable volume to start its mass recycling process the price of electric vehicles might be significantly reduced and the cars will become even more attractive for majority of drivers.

May be a good solution for saving the environment

Even though, there are definitely numbers of pros by owning an electric car, the main factor of developing such vehicles is looking for alternatives to traditional internal combustion engines which are simply destroying the environment. Reduction in burning the fossil fuel by eliminating conventional autos from the roads and replacing with EV might be a good solution for saving the planet. But the main issue might arise how to generate enough electricity to power all electric cars and do not make same pollution just in other way.
Improving electric vehicles performance, building charging stations and use renewable sources of energy for generating electricity will definitely take a while. And most important factor it might require tremendous investments for replacing all well working system with something new.