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Dry sagging skin - exfoliation advantages and disadvantages

What causes dry sagging skin

There are many reasons for that and some common ones are age, your weight ups or downs, and level of your activities. Young people normally don’t pay too much attention to their skip appearance and don’t appreciate it. Some individuals are so busy that they don’t have time or wish even to apply body lotion on their body surface. In most cases people start to care about it more when skin problems become noticeable.

What remedies for reducing or preventing sagging skin

People are different and what might work for one person may not do any good or even cause some harm to the other one. Therefore, among many remedies that might be suggested by doctors and your friends, you should choose something that will work in your particular situation.

Normally there are two ways of fighting with the problem mechanical and chemical. Mechanical method includes all kind of physical exercises, skin scrubbing through dry bushing, healthy diet, and drinking lots of fluids (water in particular). Chemical method must be performed by the doctors.

It is very hard to make your skin to shrink back, but possible. People might achieve that by doing different physical activities and yoga. In addition, while exercising they tone muscles which helps with sag areas as well. It is generally not recommended to lose weight way too fast otherwise your flab might have even worst appearance than before taking out your pounds. Slow but persistent weight loss is just perfect option for your body and your skin.

Some people prefer dry brushing each time before taking a shower. They buy natural brushes which are normally very least expensive investments into your body shape. It is possible, but usually not recommended to use brushes with plastic or synthetic fibers mainly because they are harsh on your skin surface. Usually those individuals do some gentle scrubbings in circular motions by the time it gets a little rosy. Do not overdo it, though, your skin won’t look better if you do it once, but for a long time. Some people argue that scrubbing won’t do much for improving your sagging skin areas. However, exfoliation will stimulate your blood circulation and do some other health benefits for your body which in any case might be a good idea that is worth a try. In addition, it sloths off dead skin cells which makes your skin look beautiful.
Some people apply body masks which can be purchased in the beauty shops or do them on their own. They squeeze some juice from citrus fruits and massage that into the skin for about 5 – 15 minutes each time before taking the bath or shower. Other way is to squeeze some garlic juice and apply it few minutes before the shower. Drawbacks of this rather odd method are that it has some burning feel especially in such a sensitive area as your face and it has some odor. However, since you will do this right before you wash your body the bad smell will disappear as you never had it. Some individuals add juice of lemon into the water when they wash garlic out of the skin.

The widely used method for improving your sagging skin is shaking. Normally it is hard to make yourself to shake your arms and legs at least few minutes a day, therefore, dancing might stimulate your shaking moves.

Medical Disclaimer

The author is not a doctor and the information in the article is general in nature with no medical advises given or imply. Talk to your doctor, nurse or medical advisor how to treat health related problems.


This is all matter whether

This is all matter whether you want to work hard yourself on your skin look or someone else (doctor) will do it for you. Cost consideration is very important factor here. It is pretty much expensive to do skin liftings or any other medical procedures.