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Door replacement cost


How much does it cost to replace a door?

Replacement cost will be determined by numbers of factors and total expenditures including price of a door and labor expenses vary from $90 for 24” x 80” single bi-fold and simple installation to $2,300 for a 60”x80” steel patio door and complex work performance. Couple thousands is not a maximum limit and in some cases total cost for the door, material and labor might exceed $10,000.

Average prices for doors

Cheapest 6-panels bifold door is perfect for closet or storage room and can be bought from the shelf of a local home improvement retailer or ordered online for about $30 - $50. Depending on a size, prepare to spend $110 - $270 for left or right-hand pre-hung interior door. Pocket doors normally cost 30% - 40% more.

Sliding frosted glass 48” x 80 1/2” door cost $390 - $470 depending on a frame material, but normally prices for bypass doors starts from $140. Single panel prefinished mahogany entry door 36” wide cost $750 - $900, but some custom build wrought iron entry doors with decorative hardware for matching door style and design are extremely expensive and prices might go over $7,000.

Additional options and materials expenses

Normally all doors come with all hardware necessary for its proper installation. But door locks, knobs, handles, door stops or additional accessories including door screens are sold separately. Some expensive, higher quality doors can be bought or ordered with everything included in one box, but the price for such option is normally much higher.

Depending on a door type extra $60 - $130 can be spend on moldings, heat resistant sealant, insulating foam and other materials require for its proper installation.

Labor cost


Installer will provide itemized estimate with a total cost for door replacement after analyzing work complexity, size and type of a door. Taking out an old and installing same dimensions new pre-hung door might be estimated at $80 - $90 at the lowest end. In the price normally include demolishing of an old and installing new door excluding any additional work. Carpenter normally charges $20 - $40 for locks installation. If a new door will differ in size from old one and reframing rough opening or fixing walls will be involved the labor expenses will be calculated based on hourly rate of the installer which might go up $50 per hour.

Professional installer might charge up to $250 for a pocket door replacement.

Cost to replace entry door vary from $500 to $900 but complicated installation might double the labor expenses. Additional $60 - $110 is a typical charge for installing storm of a security door.

Replacing all doors during complete renovation project will be cheaper per door comparing to hiring contractor for a single door replacement.

Estimating time

Simple replacement of standard pre – hung interior door might be completed by experienced installer in 3 – 4 work hours including door locks installation. It might take longer to replace heavy custom made entrance door. Reframing door opener especially if the header is too low and finishing walls might take as long as 2 -3 full work days.

Hire professional or do it yourself

Door replacement might be completed as a do it yourself project and many homeowners might consider reducing expenses and replace it by self following step-by-step installation instruction. It is definitely doable task even though with little experience it might take much longer comparing to hiring professional installer. Also some heavy and bigger in size doors might be impossible to replace by self and assistance of a helper will be unavoidable.