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Do you really need high education to get a job?


There are many factors that might affect your success, and needs of certain investments which will support it. One smart move to get a job is to invest in your skills. Education is a huge expense for any family and the decision about having it should be made very carefully by analyzing numbers of dependent variables. However, earning a degree is not only one way to obtain some knowledge. Many young people get valuable experience with little or no cost to them through volunteering, seasonal jobs, or apprenticeships.

Usually your choice whether to spend a few years and get high education or not might depend on the following factors:

Type of work you want to do

Usually in tough and not stable economy it is possible to get just low level positions which do not require even associate degree and your experience will be the most valuable asset among all the others. It is important to be reasonable with your expectation and think few steps ahead before making any decision. Successful people are those who invest wisely and not just because they did not have anything else to do.

In addition, if you do not have any experience but just master’s degree, your level of education might play against you. Your chances of getting higher position are close to zero and when you apply for an entry level job, employers might consider you overqualified. Supervisors may also see you as an competitor which might take their places because they probably have just bachelor’s degree at most.

Your attitude to the work search

To find a job is hard, but people still need to sustain themselves throughout a month. Many individuals earned any degree might be forced by circumstances to give up too soon on finding a decent job according to their level of education. Some persons with master’s degree work as hair cutters or nail technicians which make their huge investment into future earnings worthless.

Whether you have someone who can help

It is definitely worthwhile to get some degree if you have “a good uncle” and know that your employment after graduation will be guaranteed. For those who do not have influential friends or relatives might not be that wise to spend money on something that won’t benefit in the future.

If you have previous work related experience

If you can put on your resume few or more years of continuous work related experience then it might be reasonable to go for more and get a high position. That way you will have less risk of investing in higher education because chances will be higher to be promoted.

Whether you have leadership skill

Usually it is important to have master’s degree for directors or supervisors who want to conduct others work. If you do not feel that your personality is strong enough to organize and improve people’s performance to get best results then it might not be necessary to have anything higher than bachelor’s degree. Why you need to have something that you won’t be able to utilize.

If you have strong personality

To be in a leader position requires a lot of patience, reasonableness, restraint, and persistence. Not all people are able to hold their feeling and say what customers what to hear in order to settle the conflict or dispute.