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Disadvantages of working on-line


Internet world is endless and can’t be explored entirely what makes it attractive and appealing for many people to find a niche and try to make money on-line. Every day many individuals enter this interesting and exciting man-made universe not just as an observer and user, but with some hope to create a successful business. But with such seems like promising future, not all stay there for a long due to many reasons. Work on-line from home is definitely not for everyone. It is totally the same as not all actors are equally successful in their careers or not every artist have high earnings.

People just need to do what bring them more satisfaction or money. Keep in mind and be aware about all the cons while considering working on-line in order not to waste your time on something that won’t help you reach desired results.


Usually it is harder to concentrate at home than at an employer’s place. Many people have too many distractions at home like children, neighbors, full with food refrigerator, or exciting TV show during the time you have to sit and concentrate on work. Even if a person has his/her own working space, the chances are very high that he/she will be disrupted even in their home offices. Interactions are harmful not only for focusing on work, but can cause the loss of thoughts and ideas.

Unpredictable earnings

To earn money on-line is almost like to work on commissions where everything is uncertain and unpredictable. It is totally not like a person knows for sure that every two weeks or so, he definitely gets a paycheck. One month you can make pretty much good amount of money when in the next period it might not be even half of expected earnings.

Eat losses yourself

In any business there is a risk of loss. If you are developing own website it is always a possibility to lose information, hosting server can be down for few hours, or your site pages might decrease ranking in web search results due to other newly come competitors on the internet. When a person is an owner, he needs to eat all of the occurred losses or profit decline due to unpredictable circumstances.

Should take care about newly-created business by self

Bookkeeping and other business related paperwork will consume an extra time. Someone needs to keep all the receipts and expenses log in order for future possible tax audits. You have to make some estimated quarterly tax payments in order not to end up owning to the IRS at the end of the tax year. As a self-employer, you need to take care about own health insurance and timely issue other payments when necessary. Usually for just started business it is impossible to hire another person to help with accounting and other essential tasks due to limited budget.


Working on-line might not require too much of an investment unless you plan to buy an existing huge business, but it still might cost a lot overall. You need to devote many hours to develop an idea, especially from the beginning. For a newly launched website it can take couple years to start earning some decent money. Compare those contributed hours for building a foundation for a new business with high probability of getting very little from the start you might certainly reconsider quitting well-paying job and run into unclear future of on-line business.