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Disadvantages of working from home


There are so much of advantages of working from home which might simply turn into disadvantages for some people when it comes to effectiveness and earning results. Working from home is definitely not for every personality. Below are some common cons of working at home which you should be aware of before making any decision whether it is worthwhile to work alone or as part of a team.



Not telling about family members entering your office room directly, but there can be quite noisy from outside cars (police, ambulances, or firefighters trucks), lawn mowers, neighbors, kids, and dogs barking. Usually not many houses have good insulation which makes noise penetration very easy to any room in a house.


Your phone might not stop ringing. In addition, most likely you receive calls not as much of business ones as from your relatives and friends. Knowing about your work from home, people might think that it is not like a real job and you are not that busy. Those interruptions will definitely prevent you from focusing on any idea or issue and significantly decrease your productivity.

Home chores

House chores are also among biggest distraction at home. If you start to do laundry, cooking, and cleaning among other things during the time you must concentrate on work, the chances you will succeed in home based business are very low.



Have to solve problems by self

No one knows everything and it is simply impossible. Especially with new business, your lack of experience might play against you. If you run to any problem and have any question, it won’t be possible just simply turn to your co-worker’s desk and ask about it quickly or call to a support center and get help from them within 24 hours.

When a person works alone, he needs to rely only on oneself. Sometimes it might take too long to figure out the issue or too expensive to pay each time for getting advices. If you are not an employee and paid from work done, there is no chance for mistake otherwise your work will be too cheap.

Have to pay for everything by self

If a person works as a self-employed individual (independent contractor), which means that he is not an employee of a company, then all the cost will come to him. It might be not only not only quite expensive but risky as well. Gains and losses will be unpredictable and you might not be ready to cover big amounts of money out of pocket if something happen.

Hard to follow your own schedule

When you work at home, there is no need to be at work place on time. On one hand, it seems more like pros of working from home than one of disadvantages, but not always. If a person stays up late, the next day it will be hard to wake up and start working according to your schedule. This might lead to mess in your work organization and productivity.