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Disadvantages of taking online classes


Online classes are definitely not for everyone. Some students find many advantages of taking those courses, while others might regret about the idea of choosing online learning. Studying online is much harder than in group because you might struggle alone hours on end trying to solve a problem. In contrast, in a classroom other classmates or a professor can quickly guide you in the right direction releasing from unnecessary getting stuck on problems or delays. In addition, through discussions you not only understand better the subject, but memorize the material faster and for longer period of time.

Below are some other cons of taking online classes such as:

Low quality education

Everyone knows including employers about quality of knowledge that students obtain from online classes. Usually those courses do not give students competitive proficiency in a subject compare to on site learning. Job candidates might be unfairly prejudged by interviewers while on a job interview which may result in failures to win the interview and get a job.

Wait long for an answer

You might not be satisfied asking question only via school e-mails. Depending on a professor, your questions might not be answered at all or not timely when you won’t need it any longer. Professors usually reply on emails in order of receiving them. So, by the time your teacher responds on your letter, you may figure the problem out yourself. There might be misunderstandings from both sides as well. The teacher may not understand what a student is asking or the learner may not clearly interpret the professor’s explanation. It might be too late to wait for receiving other clarifications.

Home distractions

For many students it is hard to concentrate on studying at home because of many distractions like a refrigerator with food, home choirs, or children (if any). Even such small thing like fixing a sandwich or doing laundry while studying might entirely distract your thoughts, and by the time you finish reading a chapter, it will be no use to recall about what the book was. Not concentrated reading leads to low percentage of memorization the material. It is hard to plan your time because you might think that your homework can be done later, resulting in failing doing it at least some day.

Lack of connection

When students do not see a professor or classmates in person, it is harder to build connections. For example, it might be difficult to ask for a reference from a teacher because the instructor may not be comfortable to say that he knows you well enough.


It is generally easier to make yourself work harder when you see others achievements or good results. Usually close classmates encourage to study as no one else. Commonly for any student it is a shame to say that he got a bad grade to his fellow classmate when they share their midterm or final results. To be envy the same as stressed out may be sometimes good for your greater productivity and trying to learn more. When students study alone, it might be hard to strive for better because there won’t be any comparison or competition.