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Crochet motif bolero


Yarn - Bernat Cotton-ish (Royaldenim) / light 3 / 2.4 oz (70 g) / 282 yards (258 m) / about 2.5 balls needed
Hook - D/3 – 3.25 mm or other size hook needed for the gauge
Gauge - One motif is about 2.5 x 2.5 inches (6.35 x 6.35 cm)
Size - S / US 4 - 6
Complexity - Intermediate/Advanced beginner

Images & Captions: 

Crochet women’s lace motif bolero jacket with ties - ipheion stitch
Step-by-step crochet instructions
Step 1
Crochet a motif
Make a foundation chain of 7 chain stitches and join it into a ring with Place the tail of the yarn over the chain of the initial foundation chain to work single crochet with it. That way you won’t need to weave the tail of the yarn in later.
1st round – sc2 on 1ch to end plus
2nd round – ch5, sk1, [sc1, ch5, sk1] to one last chain;
3rd round – [sc1, dc1, dc3 on 1ch, dc1, sc1,] to end
Step 2
Joining motifs seamlessly
2nd and all the rest motifs – crochet 1st and 2nd rounds. The 3rd round will be your joining round. So, you need to join flower motifs as you work the last round. Begin joining motifs from 2 places or connect 4 petals together, then it will be necessary to join star flowers from 3 and more places. For the back part, connect 58 motifs. For each front part, join 22 flower motifs.
Step 3
Crochet edges and ties
Between each motif, work picot1, (CL1, picot1, CL1) on 1ch, picot1 and sc1 into the middle chain of a petal. In between petals, work picot 1 and sc1 in the middle chain of an arch/petal.
For each tie, make a foundation chain of 31 chs or as many as necessary. Insert a crochet hook into a 2nd ch. from your hook and work in each chain to end.


ch – chain
CL – cluster – insert a crochet hook into a base chain, grab the yarn, and pull it through. You should have 3 loops on your hook. Yarn over, and pull the yarn through the first 2 loops on the hook. Insert the hook into the same base chain, grab the yarn and pull it through. You should have 4 loops on your hook. Yo, pull the yarn through the 1st 2 chs on the hook. You should have 3 chs left. Last time grab the yarn and pull it through all the remaining loops on your hook.
dc – double crochet
dc3 on 1ch – work 3 dc on one base chain
picot – ch3, sc1 on 2nd ch of the 3chs, ch1
sc – single crochet
sc2 on 1ch – work 2 sc on one base chain
sk – skip a chian – slip stitch


Crochet ipheion stitch lace motif bolero