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Crochet lace scarf


Yarn - Bernat Softee Baby / light 3 / Net Weight - 120 g / 310 yds (283m) / about 1.5 balls needed
Hook - H-8 (5.00 mm) or other crochet hook needed for the gauge
Gauge - About 15 chains (dc) in 4 inches
Scarf Length - About 60 inches with fringe
Complexity - Easy

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Step-by-step crochet instructions
Lace scarf crochet pattern – women’s scarf with fringe edges and borders
Step 1
Make a foundation chain of 33 chains or multiples of 6 chains plus 3 additional chains. I count all the loops including the loop on my hook.
Step 2
1st row (right side) – h4ch, dc to end plus RC3
2nd row (wrong side) – h4ch, dc3, [ch2, sk2, flower1, ch2, sk2, dc1] to last 2chs; dc2 + RC3
3rd row – h4ch, dc2, half flower first, ch2, dc1 into an arch of 3 chs, ch2, [flower1 into a ch above dc1 of the prev. row, ch2, dc1 into an arch of 3chs, ch2] to last 3 chs; half flower last, dc2 + RC3
4th row – h4ch, dc2, sc 1 into an arch of 3 chs, [ch2, sc1 into a ch above dc1 of the prev.row, ch2, sc1 into an arch of 3 chs] to last 2 chs; dc2 + RC3
Repeat the pattern starting from the 1st row until you crochet the desired length of the scarf.
Work the last row as the first one.
Step 3
Work slip stitches on both sides of the garment.
Step 4
Wrap the yarn 2 times for each tassel around two pieces of carton. Cut it between cartons from one side.
Attach two pieces of yarn/tassel into the first chain and then into every 3rd chain to end of the row. For that, insert a hook from the wrong side of the border into a chain, grab the yarns, and pull them through. Then draw the 4 yarns again through just created loop and pull it tight. You should have a tassel of four strands.
After that, take two strands of yarn from each of the 2 neighboring tassels and tie them into a knot. Trim the ends if necessary.


ch – chain
dc – double crochet
flower – into one base chain work sc1, ch2, sc1, ch3, sc1, ch2, sc1. You should have two arches of 2 chains and one middle arch of 3 chs.
half flower first – into same base ch work sc1, ch3, sc1, ch2, sc1. You should have one arch of 3 chs and one arch of 2 chs
half flower last – into one chain work sc1, ch2, sc1, ch3, sc1. You should have two arches of 2 chs and 3 chs
h4ch – insert a hook into the 4th chain from your hook
RC – returning chain
sk – skip a base chain


How to crochet a scarf - lace scarf crochet pattern