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Crochet flower motif blouse


Yarn - Cotton yellow thread super fine
Hook - 1 / 2.75 mm or other size hook needed for the gauge
Gauge - About 1 motif go into 4 inches (10 cm)
Blouse Size - XS / S
Complexity - Intermediate/ Advanced beginner

Images & Captions: 

Lace blouse crochet pattern - flower motif stitch
Step-by-step crochet instructions
To make a blouse, crochet 46 motifs and join them together as you work.
Crochet a motif
Step 1
Center of the flower (pistil)
Create a foundation chain of 6 chains and join it into a ring with the slip stitch (work into the very first chain).
1st round – ch4, (dc1, ch1) x 11 plus into 3rd ch. from the starting point, then make 19 chains
Begin crocheting flower petals around the pistil
Step 2
To crochet flower petals, work rows around the center of the flower
1st row (right side) – h7ch, (dc1, ch1, sk1) x 2, inc1, dc2, inc1, dc1, hdc1, sc1,, sk1, skip one base chain of the pistil, work hdc1, and turn your work to the wrong side
2nd row (wrong side) – ch8, dc1 above last dc of the previous row, (ch1, sk1, dc1) x 3, RC4 and turn
Crochet around the pistil alternating the 1st and 2nd rows until you have 12 petals in total.
Step 3
Join last and first petals together
23rd row - h7ch, (dc1, ch1, sk1) x 2, inc1, dc2, inc1, dc1, hdc1, sc1,, sk1, ch1, into chain of the very first petal and turn
Crochet the 24th row joining it with other loops of the initial 19 chains of the very first petal.
Work slip stitches to the last dc of the previous row and make 2 chains. The 2 chs will work like the first dc. Then work into the first inc. chain of the foundation chain of the very 1st petal, *ch1, sk1, insert a hook into a chain of the 1st petal, then skip one chain of the 23rd row and work dc1 into the following chain of the last row*. Repeat the process from *three times. You should have three dc plus 2 chs for the first dc and one chain in between.
Cut the yarn and secure it.
Step 4
Join seamlessly motif together
Joining rows work like 2nd row, but instead of RC4, work 2 chs, sc1 into a petal to join the petals together. Then make one chain and turn. Crochet the following row/rows as usual. Join just two petals with each motif and skip one petal or more depending how many motifs you need to connect. That way you will create an invisible join of the motifs.
First join 8 motifs in the round. Then continue joining the motifs creating 5 rounds in total (40 motifs) or as many as necessary for the body. After that, do not connect motifs in the round. For the back part, join 4 motifs. For each shoulder piece, join one motif connecting two petals to the body and 2 petals to the back piece.
Step 5
To work in between motif
Repeat step 1 to create a pistil, then *make 8 chains, work sc1 into sc chain between petals, create 8 chs and work into the same base chain (long connection). After that work 3 sl.sts and make 3 chs, sc1 into a petal, ch3, into (short connection),*. Repeat from * three more times or as many times as necessary depending on the number of motif you have. Cut the yarn and secure it.
To crochet in between two middle top front and back motifs, make a half circle and connections. For that, create a foundation chain of 6 chs, join it into a ring, make 4 chs, and work dc6 into the ring. Then work long and short connections as usual.
Step 6
Work sc to end


ch – chain
dc – double crochet
dc2 into 1ch – work dc2 into one chain
h7ch – insert a hook into the 7th chain from your hook
hdc – half double crochet
inc – increase a chain, work dc2 into one base chain
RC – returning chains
sc – single crochet
sk – skip a base chain – slip stitch
yo – yarn over


How to crochet a flower motif blouse