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Crochet a beanie hat


Yarn - Lion Brand Yarns Baby Soft (color #200 Baby White Pompadour) / light 3 / 4 oz (113 g) / 367 yd (335 m) / less than 1 ball needed
Hook - H/8-5.00 mm or other size hook needed for the gauge
Gauge - About 7 clusters in 4 inches
Size - For the 22 inches (56 centimeters) head circumference
Complexity - Easy

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Beanie hat crochet pattern - nuts stitch
Step-by-step crochet instructions
Step 1
Make a foundation chain of 77 chains stitches or multiples of 2 chains plus 1 additional chain. Work to join the very last chain of the foundation chain with the very first one. Continue crocheting in the round.
Planning point
The number of chains to start with should be dividable by a certain number of chains you plan to decrease every round at the end of your project. In my case, I decreased 7 chains every round except the very first round (22nd round) of the decrease.
Step 2
1st round - hdc to end plus
After the 1st round, you have an option to continue crocheting the 2nd round the regular way or crochet up to the initial foundation chain and work the 2nd round using the other loops of the foundation chain. For this project, I used the 2nd option because that way the edge of the hat looks nicer.
To work the 2nd option, turn your work to the wrong side, work (join the stitch that is on your hook with a chain of the initial foundation chain), and then flip the garment to the right side again.
Nut pattern
2nd round - ch1, [cl1, sc1] to last 2 chains; cl1, sk1 + in the2nd chain after the starting point. After the 2nd round you should have 76 chains left.
3rd round - ch1, sc1 in the same ch., sc to last 1ch. of the round; sk1 + (2nd ch. after
4th round - ch1, [cl1, sc1] to last 1 chain; cl1 + ch. after
Alternate the 3rd and 4th rounds until you crochet 21 rounds in total.
Step 3
22nd round - ch1, [(cl1, sc1) x 4, cl1, dec1] to last 9 chs; (cl1, sc1) x 4, cl1 + sl. st.1 (2nd ch. after
23rd round - ch1, [dec1, sc8] to last 8 chs; sc7, sk1 + (2nd ch. after
24th round - ch1, [(cl1, sc1) x 3, cl1, dec1] to last 8 chs; (cl1, sc1) x 3, cl1, sk1 + sl. st.1 (2nd ch. after
25th round - ch1, [dec1, sc6] to last 6 chs; sc5, sk1 + (2nd ch. after
26th round - ch1, [(cl1, sc1) x 2, cl1, dec1] to last 6 chs; (cl1, sc1) x 2, cl1, sk1 + sl. st.1 (2nd ch. after
27th round - ch1, [dec1, sc4] to last 4 chs; sc3, sk1 + (2nd ch. after
28th round - ch1, [cl1, sc1, cl1, dec1] to last 4 chs; cl1, sc1, cl1, sk1 + sl. st.1 (2nd ch. after
29th round - ch1, [dec1, sc2] to last 2 chs; sc1, sk1 + (2nd ch. after
30th round - ch1, [cl1, dec1] to last2 chs; cl1, sk1 + (2nd ch. after
31st round - dec. to end
Cut the yarn and secure it from the wrong side of the fabric.


ch – chain
dec – decrease
hdc – half double crochet
sc – single crochet
sk – skip a chain – slip stitch – starting point


How to crochet a hat - video tutorial


Hi Sri,

Hi Sri,
At the top of the page, you may read that the weight of the yarn I used for the project is light 3 (DK). Happy crocheting!


I love this pattern and have managed to make to scarf, I would love to make the hat to match but the measurement is far too big for me, I need to do about a 19/20 circumference how many chains would my foundation have to be and how would I decrease. help me Please. Thank you x

Hi Allie,

Hi Allie,
Thanks for the good question. The needed number of chains will depend on your gauge/tension. If your gauge would be about the same as mine, I would advise you to try about 67 chs (multiples of 2 chs + 1 ch). Happy crocheting!