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Credit line increase Chase Ink Business Credit Card


Chase just increased a credit line on my Chase Ink Business Cash Credit Card

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Make a request

I didn’t find an option to request a credit line increase from “My Accounts” interface and I just called toll-free number on the back of the credit card to speak with a representative. After requesting credit limit increase, I was asked to provide very typical for such instance information including: the reason for request, type of a business, years stay in business, total revenue, number of employees, and my gross annual income.

Credit check

I was informed that the credit report must be obtained in order to proceed with my request. It is very typical procedure when you apply for a credit card, any type of a loan, or in case you are asking to borrow more with your existing account.

Instant decision

There was no waiting time to get a result and my request to increase the line on Chase Ink Business Cash Credit Card was approved immediately. No one asked me to name how much funds I want to add to my existing credit card – Chase just made a maximum possible increase based on my credit history and account standing.

Time consideration

Many credit card issuers allow borrows to make a first credit line increase after six months from the date of account opening. It is not a case if you own Ink Credit Card from Chase. At the time of the credit limit increase request, I owned the card for less than four months and made three statement balance payments. I didn’t go with minimum payments only and just paid off the balance every month.