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Credit limit increase on Citi double cash credit card


Increase credit line on Citi cash back credit card.

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Credit line increase request

To increase a credit limit on a Citibank credit card, you have to make a request. Under account management in your online banking, you can see “Request a credit line increase” link. After providing total annual income and monthly mortgage / rent payment, you’ll get an instant answer. The credit line on my Citi double cash credit card was increased by $1,200 immediately.

Time between requests

If you’ll submit a request for a credit limit increase in shorter period than 6 months (one after another), the high chances are it won’t be approved. I’ve tried this and the increase was rejected because I can submit only one credit line increase request in one half a year.
The other thing is – seems like Citibank allows only one credit line increase per all accounts not per a single credit card in six months. After submitting a request on double cash credit card, I tried to add more to my Citi Simplicity which had 0% APR on balance transfers and purchases, but wasn’t approved because just made a credit line increase on double cash card.

No credit check required

This simple online banking request doesn’t require credit inquire unless you are not satisfied with amount offered and wish to add more available funds to your credit card.

Getting higher credit limit

If you need more money on your credit card, you may request a higher credit limit than offered. But this process requires a credit check. I’ve tried once to make $5,000 credit line increase on one of Citibank credit cards and didn’t get satisfactory results. The reason they didn’t approve my request was I already have maximum credit limit which Citibank can offered at that time.


It is very easy to increase credit line on Citi credit cards. I have few cards from different banks, and from those only Citibank offers no credit check limit increase. But from my experience, even though it is very simple task, the increased amount typically insignificant. I already applied 4 times for a credit limit increase on three Citi credit cards over last couple years and they add somewhat in between $1,200 and $1,600 every time without credit check.