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Cook at home vs eating out


Food in our lives

Food is essential part of our wellbeing. That’s why it is important to consume right amounts of varied and balanced food daily in order to be and stay healthy. However, everything comes at cost making people to balance between what they want and what they can afford.

Advantages of cooking at home

Save some money

It is usually cheaper to prepare food and eat at home than to go in restaurants. When you eat home you pay only for food (assuming that you have all the necessary cookware).

Eat healthy

People who eat home often prone to better and healthier food choices.

Eat right portions

Individuals usually put in their plates only certain amount of food they can eat or according to their diet.

Save time on commuting

After the diner you do not have to get into the car and drive home, but instead you can spend some time with your family in front of TV or play with your kids (if any).

Disadvantages of eating home

Spend lots of time on cooking

You might waste lots of time on the kitchen to prepare food for the whole day.

Waste of food

Some people especially who do not know how to cook might waste not only their time if they spoil the dish, but the food as well which may be costly.

Damage cookware

If you won’t monitor carefully your cooking process you might have a high risk of burning the cooking pans, pots, etc...


Pros of eating out


There are so many restaurants that you do not need to go far to find some place to eat.


Many restaurants have long working hours and are open from early mornings to late nights. In addition, fast food restaurants offer very convenient drive-thru which is 24/7.

Save time

You do not need to worry about preparing the food and spending hours on the kitchen while cooking and cleaning. Instead you might relax after the work or spend some time with your friends or family.

Bring some peace to your family

You do not feel that you are a slave for your family. There will not be the need to cook and clean after everybody or make your kids cleaning after themselves and get frustrated if they won’t (forget) do it.

Affordable prices

Some restaurants can offer even better deals than you would make it on your own and just bought all the needed groceries. They are able to do it because they purchase huge amounts of food at once for much cheaper price than you would buy one item on the market.

Cons of eating out


To eat out might be costly on your budget especially if you do it very often. When you pay for your order, in the price usually included everything, such as cost of food, labor, rent, utilities, etc…

Waste time

It might take some time to get there, be seated, and then wait for your order. In fact you might feel that you would cook something home faster than spend all of the time in the restaurant.

Stomach ache

There is possibility that you won’t be able to digest some restaurant food especially if it is a foreign cuisine.


The restaurant might a be noisy and crowded place especially in lunch and dinner times which might take even longer time before you will be seated.