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Community college vs. university


After high school many students with their parents face the dilemma what college or university to choose. In addition, the other questions on rise whether it is more beneficial to apply for college or university to get bachelor’s degree. Other people concern what educational institution will give a better background for future master’s degree. This decision is very crucial for many families because education will be huge expense or even burden which can last for decades after graduation.


Educational expense will be one of the most significant factors that will commonly finalize the decision whether to go with college or university. Usually community colleges are much cheaper in comparison with universities while pursuing the same program for bachelor’s degree. For example, one college class might cost you about $200 while for one university course a student may need to pay twice as much or even more for just one credit hour. Classes commonly are 3 – 4 credit hours each.

Cost associated with chosen school location is also a significant factor to consider. If you find some college that offers free or at least cheaper education, but commuting and living expense might make it overall more expensive compare to the local educational institution.


Usually when their offspring are just after high school not many parents are comfortable to let them go far away from home. They want still to control and protect own children at that age. Some young adults might not be good at selecting right choices especially companies they keep. That’s why for bachelor’s degree local colleges are among most popular options. Young people are not that concern to graduate faster compare to adult students. In fact, teenagers hardly know what they really want or need and what to do with their lives. That’s why young students are not in a hurry to finish their studying as soon as possible and parents have some peace in mind to have their kids by their sides for a little bit longer.



Normally it is faster to get your desired degree when you enroll directly to university and stay there until you earn your master’s. In addition, it is usually less stressful for people to go to the next level and get their graduate degree when in the same school than try to go through enrollment process again and get used to new rules and environment because there everything will be new and unfamiliar. Commonly universities give some credits to those students who got their bachelor’s with them. On the other hand, if a student will try to apply to university for some graduate program after college then he probably will have to take more classes than others who just continue their education with same school.

Quality of education

It depends a lot on the institution itself and not on a kind of it. Some colleges might give much better and more competitive knowledge to students who survive to graduate than many private universities where everyone has good grades. Reputation of any school should be considered on the first place while choosing where to invest in your future knowledge and earnings.