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Commonly asked job interview questions

You might have whether a phone job interview or in person one, but you should be ready for that and answer the questions confidently and properly. Be aware that even over the phone potential employer can judge about your maturity and accountability. Applicants should realize that it is all about marketing. If employer will see that you cannot even market yourself how you are going to market their firm. Therefore, candidates should answer questions the way employers might want or expect to hear that from you. It doesn’t really mean that you need to lie or make up something, but you need to highlight the most important and relevant information about your skills and abilities. That’s why, it is essentially important to give quality time to your preparation for the job interview in order to succeed in getting the desired job title.

Usually employers will start the interview with telling you about themselves and what they do. You should listen carefully their introduction and even ask some questions if appropriate. While it is not very necessary, but taking notes might be a good idea as well in case you will be invited to come for the second interview. Then the hiring manager will offer you to tell a little bit about yourself (background and education). Make sure that everything that you say will be on a positive note and not boring. Do not try to tell him all your bio, even if it might be very vivid, just some brief relevant moments in your life and career should be sufficient.

After that you might get various questions easier and hard ones. Don’t underestimate the questions that seem like easy ones. For example, what did you like the most at your previous job? While it is all the time better to answer what you liked than what you did not, it is still might tell a lot about you and your personality to your interviewer. Try to answer the question by giving him 2 – 3 examples by strongly emphasize that you ended your thought. That way you won’t be in an uncomfortable position and the hiring manager feel free to ask next question making conversation easier and smoother.

Examples of typical job interview question

- Why did you apply for the position?

- What are your career goals in 5, 10, and 15 years?

- Who did you want to be?

- Tell me 3 things we can count on you to do well at work.

- How you resolve conflicts at work place and with customers?

- What you need to improve to succeed in your career?

- What are 3 traits a valuable employee should possess?

- Why you think that you might be a valuable asset for our company?

- What you did like least about your previous work?

How interviewers behave

On the other hand, if you notice that an interviewer doesn’t follow you or distracted, it might not be your fault. Some people just don’t like to interview others. In fact, if after a hiring manager you will be interviewed by a person from a particular department you are going to work in, he might seem not nice or even ignoring, but usually it is not because of you. This person may afraid a potential competition you may cause him. On the other hand, some interviewer might be as stressful while questioning others as you are while someone interviews you. So, don’t take anything personal.