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Common questions asked on the job interview

When you will be invited on the job interview it is important to make a positive impression on your interviewer by arriving few minutes earlier, dressed appropriately, having a good mood and positive attitude. Generally it is nice to be there about 15 minutes before the appointment time, but not more than that. For example, road traffic can be unpredictable and if you arrived 30 minutes earlier it is better to wait in your car.

The interviewer can ask any questions, but usually he is interested in those that are relevant to the job specifications they offer. For instance, he definitely asks about your education even if you give the name and location of your school in your resume. The hiring company might question you on how long you attended the education institution, how many classes you took at a time, or what your current GPA is.

You will be asked about software you are proficient with and how many years you use them. Many employers will ask about excel and your level of proficiency in it. You might be even asked to demonstrate you ability in practice in front of them. However, don’t freak out if you see an old version of Excel which will have a little bit different layout. Try to stay calm and answer their questions as quickly and accurately as possible. Usually they won’t ask very hard ones on your first job interview anyway.

They will ask about your relevant job experience and why you want to change your current job or why you left the previous one. Expect questions about your job responsibilities at your present or prior work place.

They might ask why you think you are qualify for the position they offer. This is one of the hardest questions for many candidates. So, be prepared to answer it with confidence and on a high level. Applicants should practice at home answering potential hard questions to a family member or even in front of a mirror. You might want to say that according to your education and experience you are the perfect fit for the position (if you have relevant experience and education on your resume).

Another hard question you might hear or can see in the job application form why you consider yourself a valuable asset to our company. You may list 3 or 5 relevant qualifications from your summary that is usually on the top of your resume. Make sure to adjust them accordingly to their job specifications and what they are looking for. List your resume summary in order from most to least relevant qualifications for the specific job requirements.

You will definitely be asked about your salary requirements. Make sure that you don’t answer in all cases “Open”. Sometimes this word can actually play against you. If they don’t give a salary range with the job description, then it is better to find out what other companies in the same industry usually pay for the job.

When the job interviewer asks you about your previous employers, make sure do not mansion any negative experience even if you had one. Stay positive and smile all the time. Once you finish thank to your interviewer for his time and consideration. Don’t forget about the follow up and write a thank you letter.