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Best things to see in Chicago Botanic Garden

Top 10 things to see in Chicago Botanic Garden

PlantsFor over 40 years Chicago Botanic Garden attracts visitors with their wide variety of different kinds of trees, bushes, and flowers. The Garden has its nursery and laboratory where scientists and students do researches to support plants proper health and growth. Literally you can see flowers growing from everywhere such as from the ground, walls, and ceiling. They also sculpt trees and bushes; carefully styled plants look even more beautiful and magnificent.

Planning to visit Chicago Botanic Garden?

The Chicago Botanic Garden is located in north suburb of Chicago approximately 1.5 mi west from Lake Michigan. The Public Garden contains indoor and outdoor vegetation common to North America and not only. This place design to suit any family needs or preferences; old or young people can find activities to stay there even for the whole day. In addition, changing character of the nature makes members to come often and enjoy each time something new that was not in bloom before. The Garden has few cafeterias to order food or visitors can bring lunch with them.