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Best flooring for a bedroom


Typically bedroom is not a heavy traffic area and nearly any, if not all, flooring materials can be used as bedroom flooring. Normally durability is not a prior factor to be concern about, but how it feels underfoot, softness and warmness are important for many homeowners. The best option for covering a bedroom floor will be determinate by personal preferences, budget and family requirements.

What to choose for bedroom flooring

Carpet flooring for bedroom

Carpets or rugs were used for covering bedroom floors for many years and it is still very popular flooring material. Carpet is available in variety of styles such as textured, looped, Saxony, frieze, cable and plush. With its relatively cheaper cost in comparing with other flooring products and ability to fit in any home design carpet should be on the top of a list while shopping for bedroom flooring. There are also different types to consider including woven, knotted and tufted while choosing a carpet as new bedroom flooring. Matching the wall colors and overall bedroom design is not be a problem because huge variety of products available from carpet manufacturers.

Cork as a bedroom flooring option

Eco-friendliness, excellent insulation properties, warm to touch and easy to install floating cork flooring is a perfect choice for any bedroom. It looks beautiful and available in variety of styles. Cork floor is easy to keep clean, but sharp object might damage its wearing layer. In order to extend cork floor longevity and preserve the stunning appearance it is better not to place heavy furniture directly on the flooring, but use a protective pads underneath.

Hardwood floor installation in the bedroom

From easy to install floating to expensive nail down exotic wood there are endless possibility in design and styles of hardwood flooring to fit perfectly in any bedroom design and satisfy any customers’ preferences. It is easy to clean and require minimum care flooring option. Even though hardwood is a durable material mowing heavy bed on its surface with no lifting might scratch the wood. It is always a good idea to use felt pads under any bedroom furniture to protect the floor from mechanical damages. Solid and most of engineered hardwood flooring can be refinished and changing a color of a wood possible with a stain application.

Tile flooring in the bedroom

Tile is for those who prefer durability and longevity. Nearly maintenance free ceramic or porcelain tile will last for many years with no worries about wet spot left on its surface after incidentally dropped a glass of water from a nightstand. Stone tile such as granite, marble or limestone require periodical sealer application, but with a proper installation will last for decades while require minimum care. With all the goods about tile it might feel hard and cold while walking barefoot unless under floor heating system will be installed. Also tiling the bedroom with stylish stone tile might be not a cheap idea.

Laminate on the bedroom floor

This flooring option is easy to install with a higher scratch resistance and lower price compare to hardwood. Laminate is a very popular choice for covering bedroom flooring. It is available in a broad variety of styles to match with any bedroom design. Laminate is a man-made material and might imitate any look from natural wood to tile.

Bamboo bedroom flooring

Bamboo is one of the eco flooring options. Natural bamboo is comparable to quality hardwood floor. With two distinctive options vertical or horizontal bamboo flooring is very stylish flooring covering for a bedroom. Carbonized bamboo available in variety of shades and with adding pigments during manufacturing process it is possible to make the products in variety of colors.

Vinyl and linoleum in the bedroom

Vinyl flooring is a budget friendly option. It is easy to clean and low maintenance floor covering choice. Due to its thickness it can be install over existing floor if it stable with no major preparation required. A whole roll of linoleum might be hard to repair if damaged badly, but it is pretty durable material and will last long with no extra care require.