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Best car deals - buying auto cheaper


Car sales

Most of dealers will have sales at least ones a year on some car models and that is a really time for upgrade.

Car deals include:

- 0% or low interest auto financing

- $0 down payment while financing

- consumer cash back

- flexible and low monthly payment options on lease

Never be confused with rates and actual prices. Some “deals” might be only presented as real savings, but in the result your total expenses will come up to the same amount the vehicle normally selling. Pay attention to extra fees. Money for title and registration goes to the state not to dealer, who just prepares the paperwork. It is only for customer’s convenience and the charges are unavoidable. Up to $100 documentation fee is very reasonable. But there is also other questionable charges might be added to the total vehicle price. For such matter never sign a single paper before clarifying all extras might appear on your bill of sale. Most if not all additional charges you do not pay and better continue shopping somewhere else.

Main factors affecting final car price:

Geographic location


New car prices are typically adjusted by local dealers. Manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP) is not the sum dealer paying for the vehicle, but rather recommended amount the auto should be sold for. Purchasing a car below MSRP is normal and most dealers still able to make a profit because of difference between the suggested retail price and factory invoice. Depending on a dealer expenditures of doing business in a certain region or even particular area the actual sticker price for the vehicle will vary. Buying a car 5% - 10% cheaper than MSRP might not be really considered as a real bargain.

Buyer’s credibility

Credit history might affect whether you will close the deal while looking to finance a new vehicle. Because of low credit score some buyers might not be qualified for best possible offers.

Payment type


Many might believe if you pay cash you save the most and can get much better deal on a car, but it is not that simple on the auto market. With a cash payment you do not waste money on interest what will definitely accumulate some savings in a long run. Some car dealers might offer about 10% off from the sticker price if you will pay full amount in cash after finalizing the amount. But others would rather offer finance option generating some additional profit from that and definitely wouldn’t benefit from reducing the car price because you issue a cashier check or transfer the money to dealer’s bank account.

Type of seller

One of the best and least risky options is to buy a vehicle from a reputable local new car dealer. While shopping for a new auto it might not only be the smartest, but the only way to purchase a brand new vehicle. Geographic location definitely affect the cost of a new car, but checking inventory at a few dealerships located within 10 – 20 miles radius is always a good idea. Some dealers are willing to negotiate the sticker price and reduce the cost in the buyer’s favor.
Getting a used car from a private seller might be less costly than buying nearly identical vehicle from a dealer. But such autos should be inspected by mechanic because there are no guaranty that private seller will be 100% honest and provide trustworthy oral statement about real car condition. Buyer is typically legally unprotected if anything goes wrong with a vehicle after money is transferred and signing the title.

Online or local

Even though, you might find a cheaper car online a few hundred miles away the overall cost including transportation expenses might be very close to what you would spend on the same vehicle local. Not actually seeing and test driving the car usually is the main disadvantage and very risky decision while buying a vehicle online.

Car value

Many cheapest new cars already have very low initial price and as a result significant price reduction will be less likely. With used vehicles there is always a higher possibility to get low quality and not reliable car while planning to pay the minimum price.