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Bathtub replacement cost


How much does it cost to replace a bathtub?

Cost to replace a bathtub vary from $390 for standard 5’ long enameled steel wall to wall tub and simple replacement to $3,700 or even more for acrylic whirlpool with over 120 gallons water capacity and complex installation. Remodeling contractor will calculate total expenditures after in home inspection and determining work complexity and all materials expenses.

Bathtub prices

Cheapest 60” x 30” x 15” bathtub can be bought from local home improvement retailer or ordered online for $170 - $210. Cast iron 70” – 75” long free standing tubs will range in prices from $1,800 to $2,300 on average. High quality acrylic walk-in tubs with whirlpool system might cost $6,000 - $7,000. On average prepare to spend $600 - $800 for decent 6 feet long quality drop in bathtub with at least 75 gallons water capacity.

Materials cost

Homeowners should be aware that during bathtub replacement there is a risk of unexpected damaging of wall and floor tile. For such matter always make sure you have exactly same tile for fixing tub surround and flooring.

Depending on what have to be replaced additional $90 - $250 plumber might spend on new p-trap, pipes and other materials required to install bathtub properly. Additional $400 - $800 can be spent on tile, grout, backer board, mortar, joint compound and paint for all necessary touch ups.


Labor expenses

Removing existing free standing bathtub and installing identical or similar new one with minimal repiping involved might cost $300 - $400 and plumber with a helper might complete the work in 4 – 5 work-hours. But changing or moving water and drain pipes in different place what normally will require opening ceiling under the bathtub or flooring covering including subfloor will extend the time necessary for completing the work and raise labor expenses.

Most bathtubs which installed to the walls are impossible to remove without damaging the tile around tub and on the floor. While replacement alone still might cost up to $700, fixing wall and flooring significantly increase labor cost and complete replacement project might be estimated at $1,600 - $2,100 or even more.

Replacing bathtub during a complete bathroom renovation project will be cheaper comparing to hire contractor for removing old and installing new tub only.

If a new bathtub dimensions, configuration or type will differ from old one the bathtub installation cost will be significantly higher and the whole project might take 3 – 4 days.

Hire professional or do it yourself

Handy homeowners who possess basic plumbing skills might cut the labor cost by replacing bathtub as a do it yourself project. But in case of any complicated situation there is always a higher risk of improper installation and poor performance might turn into paying double for fixing or redoing everything ones again. Hiring a professional experienced installer will ensure the replacement will be done right and normally will take much less time comparing to spending hours on reading installation instructions and figuring out how to resolve certain issues.