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Baking meatballs in the oven


2 pounds of pork ground meat
2 large or medium size potatoes
1 large onion
1 large clove of garlic
1 large egg
2 slices of bread (Italian)
½ cup of milk or water
Salt and pepper by taste
16 oz jar of tomato sauce
Sweet barbecue sauce (optional)

Cooking direction

Step 1

Make sure that all the necessary ingredients are handy right before the baking. In a large bowl, soak ground meat in water for a few minutes then drain all the water to get rid of some blood from the meat. Pill two potatoes, one large onion, and one large clove of garlic.


Step 2

Shred into the bowl with meat potatoes, onion, and garlic. You can use a blender to make the process faster.


Step 3

Salt everything well. Usually only salt might prevent you from getting the best results always. Make sure that you do it just right. If not sure, you can cook separately a small piece of the mixture to try on salt.


Step 4

Add an egg to the mixture.


Step 5

Pepper the ingredients by test.


Step 6

Add bread crumbs. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly together.
Note that the order of Step 2 through Step 6 is not that important. However, Step 7 should be done when the mixture is almost ready in order not to pour more milk or water than necessary.


Step 7

Add about ½ cup of milk. Do not pour all milk at one time. Divide it for few times. The mixture should be slightly wet in order to make meat balls soft.


Step 8

Into a glass baking sheet pour the whole jar of tomato sauce. Make sure that the liquid cover all the bottom surface of the baking sheet. If it does not, then you might need to add a little bit of water and mix it well with the sauce. This is very important procedure because if the layer of sauce will be too thin the meatballs might be burned from the sides of the tray.


Step 9

Add some sweet barbecue sauce (optional). You can also sugar the mixture a little bit.


Step 10

Form meatballs and place them onto the glass baking sheet the way that they won’t tough each other.


Step 11

Pour on top of each ball some sweet barbecue sauce (optional).


Step 12

Preheat an oven to 375 degree Fahrenheit and place the glass baking sheet with meatballs inside the oven to bake for about an hour. Few minutes before the end of timer time, change from bake to broil in order to have browner look.


Step 13

Cool off meatballs for about 10 minutes before serving.


Step 14

The meatballs can be served with mash potato, rice, or pasta.