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Advantages and disadvantages to have leather seats in a car

leather car seats

People spend lots of time driving their vehicles. That’s why every detail in its exterior and interior is matter. When it comes to choosing right seats and its covers for your car, many things should be taken to consideration like its longevity, durability, and safety. When a driver is behind the wheel, nothing should disturb him. Comfort is one of the major priorities to drive a car safely.

Majority of drivers desire to have leather seats while purchasing a new vehicle because it looks cool on their opinion. And whoever says what, but the seats do look great when still new. However, not everyone can afford to pay for them. The question arises whether benefits of having the leather overweight its costs or are they necessary or just nice things to have. Below are some reasons whether to go with cloth seats or leather ones.

Pros of having leather seats


Leather seats look expensive and impressive. When people see your leather seats, they associate the auto with higher level or grad of vehicles. Normally luxury vehicles do not even offer trims without leather seats.


When leather seats are new, they have more luxurious look compare to fabric ones.

Easy to clean

Wiping the dust from leather seats makes a car cleaner and the seats itself are non-allergenic.


In case of a spill, they won’t absorb water. So your seat will be dry right after wiping the liquid.

Cons of getting leather seats


There is some period of the year when leather seats might cause more discomfort than regular cloth seats. They hot in the summer and cold in winter. It is especially the problem with back seats because not all vehicles have them heated.

Car cost increase

You will have to pay about $1,000 or even more for the car with leather interior seats compare to the same model of the car, but with regular fabric seats… not to mention other features that you need to purchase along with the seats that are included in the package. Not every driver might want to pay for the stuff he is not planning to use.

Used car with leather seats

If you plan to purchase a used auto with the leather seats, the chances are that a car dealer might overcharge the cost of the vehicle knowing that you have certain preferences or requirements about such car interior.


Leather can be stained relatively easily. It is especially will be noticeable on light colors of the leather.


The leather can be ripped. In case of damage, it will be harder and more costly to repair compare to regular fabric covered seats.


Color of the paint may start coming off from leather seats with some time. The leather can be damaged even right after you install an infant car seat in your car.


Depending on abuse, the leather seats might look even more dramatic compare to fabric ones under the same usage.

Sell a vehicle

It would be harder to sell an auto with worn out leather compare to fabric because all know that right after purchasing the auto they will face additional huge expense to repair seats. In addition, very high percentage of used car buyers might not even consider to pay extras for leather seats.


Depending on your family size and members, it might be too costly to keep the leather seats in decent condition. It is especially the case if you have small children who still are not able to value or understand the importance of treating things with good care.

Which car seats are actually better?

With all that in mind, it is up to you to decide which option will work better in your particular case. Some people just love certain things no matter what and might be willing to pay for leather seats regardless of their price or salvaging. However, what does not really make much of sense is to purchase expensive leather seats and then cover them up with cloth covers in order to prevent their fast wear what many divers actually do.