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Advantages and disadvantages of getting married


Why people want to get married? What bring us marriage? Is it good or bad thing to be married? Unfortunately no one can answer this question for you whether it is worthwhile to get married or not except yourself. Many young adults especially ladies dream to get married. They picture themself happy ever after even though they see from examples of others that reality is not that sweet as dreams. Despite the fact that all know risk, but still many young girls push bad thoughts away hoping that it won’t be their cases.

Pros of being married

Happiness and love

Usually married people are happier than those who are not. Problems might not seem that bad if there are two.


When you are married and have a reasonable spouse, he/she will help with any issue or trouble. You will work as one to solve all the problems. It is easier to handle anything together with someone than alone. There can be financial support also. For example, when one spouse is still at school, cannot work, or expecting a child, the other one will put all efforts to earn for living and support a family. Usually people have more money when they live together than those who are single.


If husband and wife have common interests in work and relaxation, it is easier to help each other without feeling that someone might use you. You will do everything for your own benefits and family. In addition, when two people involve in a project, the chances that it will be finished faster and more successfully are higher.


Some people just need to belong somewhere and to someone. They want to live with a loved person in one place. When no one is around they feel lonely and become angry on the whole world.


Often people dream about normal family when they plan to get married. They want their children to have both a father and mother. Married couples want to show a good example to their offspring.


Women feel more secure when live with men whom they can trust and rely on.


If something might go wrong, people need to have a shoulder to cry on. Only spouse will understand and advise as no one else because usually nobody cares.


Married filing jointly commonly pays less tax over lifetime because getting many tax benefits. Married couples usually more trustworthy and can get easier credit from a bank. Some employers give raise to those people who get married and have kids.

Cons of being married

With all advantages of getting married there, of course, are some disadvantages as well like:


When you are married you are responsible not only for yourself but for your spouse and kids (if any) as well. For example, a wife might be held responsible for the debts of her husband.


Your spouse can cause you more stress and worries compare to if you would live alone. Your partner can come home in bad mood and try to spoil yours as well. In the worst case scenario, your spouse might get addicted to something like alcohol and drugs.

Arguments and abuse

The risk of bad relationship is very high. Your spouse might cheat on you or abuse physically and verbally.


I'm scared of such posts

Guys, what's wrong with you, why do you write about the disadvantages of getting married? How many people live on our land who hate women! Who only writes such articles?!
If there were no families, who would give birth to you?

I'm here for the cons...Like

I'm here for the cons...Like abusive relationships are big things nowadays.. I don't think I'll marry...Nah.. I prefer being a single mom