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Advantages and disadvantages of acquiring a golden ring


For some people such metal as gold means a lot while for others pretty much nothing because our tastes, preferences, and values in life are as different as day is from night. Wearing certain precious metals makes some individuals happy and satisfied while others do not like to wear anything on their fingers at all. Below are some common reasons why people choose or opt out of purchasing gold.

Pros of buying a golden ring


For some people it is very important to have rings from one of precious metals. Generally it is not okay to give fake jewelry to ask a girl to marry you.


You will not look cheap wearing an expensive golden ring compare to a few dollar worth jewelry.


Usually cheap jewelry become darker with some time, making you buy new such items often. In addition, some rings might even color your skin.


Many women spend more money on purchasing cheap jewelry frequently than they would acquire a couple of golden rings in a long run.


Often we prefer to have one valuable thing regardless of the cost than many worthless ones.

Last long

Jewelry made from gold are last longer compare to other cheap jewelry which might be good just for one year.


It is more impressive and appreciated to buy a precious metal especially for women.


You can exchange the old golden ring for some new one paying just certain fees for that whereas the old cheap jewelry will be good just for throwing it away after its useful life.

Safe to skin

Gold has low reactivity even compared to other metals such as silver.

Cons of purchasing a golden ring


To buy real gold might not be affordable for every person. For the price of just one golden ring you could buy many other less expensive rings or whole sets including necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.


Even such metal as gold can deform. Depending on how often you wear the metal, it can lose its round shape with some time.

Bored to wear same

Many people get bored wearing same things all the time. For them it is better to buy least expensive jewelry often than wear same rich looking ring all the time. They prefer to match their all accessories accordingly to their every day styles than be limited with choices because of the rare metal cost.


If you have your ring on every single day, it will lose its shininess and brightness with some time. The dull ring usually does not look much better than others less costly rings.


Gold is easily scratched metal. Mostly people do every home choirs wearing a ring. This damages the surface of the metal.

Pay for adjustments

Fingers usually are fuller in summer and thinner in winter time... not to mention about weight ups and downs. That’s why it is easy to buy the wrong size of the ring.


Rings might be slippery when they are wet, but not many take out rings when swimming in lakes and oceans. In case you lose the ring, it won’t be as frustrating to forget about a usual cheap ring compare to extremely expensive precious metal.