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2021 Audi Q2

Audi Q2 - compact SUV


Photo credit: Audi

2021 Audi Q2 overview

New Audi Q2 powered by 1.5 TFSI gasoline engine which generates 110kW and produces 184.4 lb. – ft. of torgue. Efficient and still powerful 4-cylider engine rated at 43.6 – 46.1 miles per gallon fuel economy what makes the SUV extremely fuel efficient vehicle. Very little gas consumption achieved by implementation of cylinder on demand system which deactivated second and third cylinders at low load and vehicle speed. Besides very first 1.5L TFSI engine two new TDI and three TFSI engines will be added to the production lines.

2021 Audi Q2 equipped with standard 6-speed manual transmission and optional 7-speed S Tronic. Audi’s Quattro AWD is available on certain engine versions. New Q2 is 4.21 m. (13.8 ft.) long, 1.79 m. (5.9 ft.) wide, and 1.54 m. (5.1 ft.) high. LED headlights become standard and Matrix LED headlights are available for customers to choose. 2021 Audi Q2 has five new colors: Apple Green, Manhattan Grey, Navarra Blue, Arrow Grey and Turbo Blue. All Q2 models have standard progressive steering which increases vehicle handling and dynamics. Suspension with damper control becomes available on some of new models.

New compact SUV features standard Audi pre sense front system, which was originally designed for full size vehicles. In addition, the lane departure warning is also coming as standard for new 2021 Audi Q2.