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Which car should I get for myself?

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Which car should I get for myself?

Looking to buy a car and having a hard time what to choose. My 10 years old Chevrolet Impala has too many miles. I am repairing it like every month. Brother said I should get rid of it cause 187,000 miles too much and it will not go better. I mean it is doesn’t make sense to repair it.
This the only car I bought and was pretty much satisfied, but time came to upgrade. So, what are you people driving? I’m not looking into expensive new car. My budget is $17,000 max and something similar I have – no SUV, truck or really small vehicle. I like newer Hyundai Sonata look. Also was thinking about Volkswagen CC, but seems like it is more expensive at least 2010 – 2011 model comparing to Camry or Sonata.

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