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How to knit basic socks

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How to knit basic socks

Yarn - Red Heart Super Saver Yarn Frosty Green Fleck acrylic 4 ply worsted weight/ less than one ball needed
Needles - Double pointed US 3 (3.25 mm) 7 in (17.78 cm)
Size - US 8
Complexity - Easy
1. Cast on 40 stitches on two knitting needles.
2. Distribute stitches evenly to 4 needles.
3. Make the ribbing. First row - knit 2, purl 2 for 20 rounds. Hide the other end of the yarn or use it as a starting point marker.
4. Begin knitting a heel. On the right side, knit 20 stitches. On the wrong side, purl the stitches for 15 rows.
5. Reduce the number of stitches. Knit only two last stitches together (k2tog) at the end of each row for 4 rows. Start knitting k2tog on each end of the row for 5 rows or until you will have 6 stitches left.
6. Pick up additional stitches to make total number of stitches equal to 40 sts again. Since you have 6 stitches, it is necessary to pick up other 14 sts or 7 sts on the two knitting needles.
7. Knit the 40 stitches without increasing/decreasing their quantity for 50 rounds or until about one inch to the tip of your toe.
8. Decrease the number of stitches. K2tog on each side of the sock for 11 rounds or until you will have 20 stitches left. Start knitting k2tog all stitches without making any intervals. To make this process easier, do not knit too tightly.
9. Pull the tail inside of the sock.
10. Secure and hide the end of the yarn
K2tog (knit two stitches together)

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