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Crochet blouse


Yarn - Bernat Cotton-ish (color: Cotton Field) / light 3 / 2.4 oz (70 g) / 282 yards (258 m) / about 4.5 balls needed
Hooks - E/4 – 3.50 mm, F/5 – 3.75 mm, and G/6 4.25 mm or other size hooks needed for the gauge
Gauge - 2 repeats go into about 5 inches (12.7 cm)
Blouse Size - XS/S
Complexity - Advanced beginner

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Blouse crochet pattern

Row-by-row crochet instructions

Begin crocheting the blouse from the top to bottom.
Make a foundation chain of 127 chs. Join it into a ring with the slip stitch.


Add 18 chs to have 144 chs or multiples of 16 chs.
1st round – ch2, sc5, inc1, [sc6, inc1] to end + into 2nd ch
2nd round – ch3, dc2, ch1, sk1, [dc3, ch1, sk1] to end + into 3rd ch
3rd round – ch5, sk2, [dc3 under 1ch, ch2, sk3] to last 1ch; dc2 under 1ch + into 3rd ch
4th round – ch3, dc2 under arch of 2chs, ch2, [dc3 under arch of 2chs, ch2] to end + into 3rd ch
5th round – ch6, [dc3 under arch of 2chs, ch3] to last arch of 2chs; dc2 under arch of 2chs + into 3rd ch


6th round –, [sc1 under arch of 3chs, ch4, (dc3, ch1, dc3) under arch of 3chs, ch4] to end + into 2nd ch
7th round – [ch3, sk4, dc3, (dc2, ch1, dc2) under 1ch, dc3, ch3, sk4,] to end
8th round –, ch3, dc4, (dc2, ch1, dc2) under 1ch, dc5, [sk7, dc5, (dc2, ch1, dc2) under 1ch, dc5] to end + into 3rd ch
9th round – ch5, (dc3, ch1, dc3) under 1ch, ch4, [sc1 under chs between 2 repeats, ch4, (dc3, ch1, dc3) under 1ch, ch4] to end + into 1st ch

Repeat the pattern starting from the 7th round.

To widen the garment, work 12th, 13th, and 14th rounds using a larger size crochet hook.


Join back and front parts together

15th round – ch1, (ch4, (dc3, ch1, dc3) under 1ch, ch4, sc1 under chs between 2 repeats) x 6, ch18, sk three repeats, sc1 under chs between 2 repeats, (ch4, (dc3, ch1, dc3) under 1ch, ch4, sc1 under chs between 2 repeats) x 6, ch18, sk 3 repeats + into 1st ch
16th round – [(ch3, sk4, dc3, (dc2, ch1, dc2) under 1ch, dc3, ch3, sk4, x 6, ch3, sk4, dc5, ch1, dc5, ch3, sk4,] x 2
17th round = 8th round
18th round = 9th round
19th round = 7th round
Repeat the 3 rounds of the pattern until you crochet to about your waistline, then continue crocheting with a larger size crochet hook to widen the garment from the bottom.


sc to end

Decorate it with a ribbon.


[ ] – repeat
ch – chain
dc – double crochet
inc – increase – work 2 single crochets into one chain to increase 1 ch
sc – single crochet
sk – skip a chain – slip stitch


Blouse crochet pattern



Hi Carmen,

Hi Carmen,
I would suggest you to start the project with the same number of chains as I did. You may adjust your gauge by using a smaller size crochet hook (if necessary). If your neckline will be wide, you may work a sc round decreasing some chains. Happy crochet!

Hi Sana love this design and

Hi Sana love this design and want to make it. I am a larger busted lady (50 inch) and need your advise regarding how many chains / repeats I would need.TYIA

Hi aileen,

Hi aileen,
For the 50" chest circumference, I would work 18 repeats for the body and 4 repeats for each sleeve. I'd make a foundation chain of 145 chs, and then add additional 12 chs (1st round) to have 156 chs in total.
1st round – ch2, sc11, inc1, [sc12, inc1] to end + into 2nd ch
2nd round – ch3, dc2 into the same ch, ch1, sk2, [dc3 into 1ch, ch1, sk2] to end + into 3rd ch
You may read my reply to disney on the very first comment page and see the picture of the 2nd round.
If 145 chs will be too wide on your shoulders, you may work the neck edge decreasing some chs.
Happy crochet!


Is it possible to make the sleeves a bit longer ?

Hi Sana,

Hi Sana,
I followed your designs and I am absolutely in love with them.I made 3 tops and everybody loved them very much(But I didn't posted the pics, sorry :(. Thanks for beautiful designs and super easy methods.
I was interested in making this top for my niece. She is 10 yrs old, could you please suggest the number of foundation chains in her case and any other changes that may be required.Thanks in advance

Hi anubhuti,

Hi anubhuti,
It depends on your gauge and her chest circumference. I would advise you to use smaller size crochet hooks and follow the pattern exactly. The other option is to make a foundation chain of 113 chs and then add 16 chs (1st round) to work 16 repeats instead of 18 repeats. When you will join front and back parts together, use 5 repeats for each front and back part and skip 3 repeats for each shoulder part. Happy crochet!


I am planning to make this top with medium (4) acrylic yarn. How many chain I should start with for medium or large size?