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What to expect before the labor


Decisions to make

If you have a boy they will ask you whether you want your child to be circumcised. Some parents willing to do it and some don’t. No one person can give a right answer whether you should do the circumcision to your child or not. Even medical personal differs in their opinions, some of them believe that it will benefit the child in the future and other say that it is unnecessary .Therefore, it is up to you, but you should make this decision way before heading to the hospital. You need to pick a pediatrician that can come to the hospital to see your child. Otherwise the hospital will invite theirs when your baby will be born. Also it is important to decide whether you want to do the vaccination in the hospital or wait and ask your pediatrician to do it instead in two months.

Make sure that you will have a list of question that you want to know with you for your doctor or midwife. You might forget at least half of your questions by the time you want to ask them because of nervous, scariness, and excitement.

How to prepare yourself for the labor?

Watch video before going to the hospital about actual delivery. It will help you to picture in your mind how your baby will come out during the labor. Your doctor or midwife will ask you to visualize the process of delivery anyway in order to help you to do it faster. In addition, watch a video about how to push properly during the active labor. It is also a good idea to attend some prenatal classes where you can learn how to breathe and push properly. Ask your husband or a person who will support you during the first stage of labor to do massage on your back. It will relax you a little bit especially if you want to have natural delivery without pain relief medicine.

Getting pain relief medicine

If a nurse, doctor, or midwife ask you to rate you pain from one to ten, tell him/her all the time the higher number than your actual pain is in order to get your pain relief medicine sooner. Some women stand their pain too long resulting in giving birth naturally without anything. In the hospital they will not give you any pain relief medicines right away after you ask for it. A doctor needs to explain you all pros and cons and side effects of this medicine and make you sign a letter of consent before you can actually get the shot. No one knows when the active labor will begin because it is all the time varies for different women. If the future mother waits too long with her pain the doctor or midwife might tell that it is already too late to give any medicine because you are in the active labor. So, make sure you get your pain relief medicine on time if it is not against your religions. Taking the pain relief medication will not only relaxing you but make you concentrate only on delivering your baby and not on your terrible pain. Of course, if you take the medicine you cannot walk right away after the labor and your child can come out a little bit drowsy but overall your labor will be much better and easier.

Medical Disclaimer

The author is not a doctor and the information in the article is general in nature with no medical advises given or imply. Talk to your doctor, nurse or medical advisor how to treat health related problems.