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What car to buy


There are many aspects should be analyzed before making a decision what car to buy and there is no universal answer exist which car is the best. Automobile manufacturers offer enormous variety of vehicles for satisfaction any customer’s requirements. It is very common that some car makes and models dominate in sale while others less popular, but there is no single vehicle which will be perfect for all drivers accounting basic parameters such as cost of a car, fuel economy, reliability, size, and most of all design. Particular car might be the best in certain dimension, but it is impossible that a single vehicle will be the best in all. There are many great cars on the market, and determination of your needs will lead to the answer what car to get.

What do you need a vehicle for?

Before go to the dealership or start looking for a new car online determine the type of a vehicle which will satisfy your demand. A person, who lives in climate zone with no snow or other extreme weather condition and drives to work and back home five days a week probably doesn’t need 7 passenger minivan or all-wheel-drive SUV. Compact Kia Rio, Honda Civic or Ford Fiesta will be a perfect auto for every day commute to work place. At the same time, family of five won’t even consider such tiny vehicle as an option and high chances will shop for more spacious car. If you need an auto for moving things pickup truck with 6 – 9 feet bed is one of the best solutions.


What is the budget set?

When it comes to purchasing a car affordability often play essential role while making a final decision. If you cannot invest much into a new car it might be better to shop for a used vehicle, but always remember it is not a smart idea to buy a cheapest car you find if the quality is questionable. Throwing money on repair is a waste and even if every penny counts in your case it is still better to buy more expensive but reliable vehicle. Other thing, do not overpay for premium package and purchase base model which is always cheaper.

How many miles you drive pre week?

If you travel long distances every day it is wise to think about fuel economy. Nowadays many cars from small subcompact to big SUVs equipped with hybrid engines. Toyota Prius C can make up to 53 miles on one gallon of gas. Plug-in hybrid Chevrolet Volt won’t use regular gas at all for first 35 miles of drive. Electric Nissan Leaf will go up to 75 miles on a fully charged battery.
With a great fuel economy hybrid and electric vehicles offer always account initial price of a car which is normally higher compare conventional gas-powered autos.

How long do you plan to keep a car?

Any car will lose value the most in first years. Investing $50,000 into a brand new car with a plan to sell it after 3 year is one of the worse ideas. If you like to drive a new expensive cars always consider lease option.

Can you drive a car with manual transmission?

Many car manufacturers offer manual transmission on base models with typically $1,200 - $1,500 less expensive compare to vehicle with automatic transmission. If you feel comfortable with a clutch and can easily manage changing gears with a stick shift such purchase will save you some bucks.

What are you preferences?

With all factors in mind there is one, which might be the most significant – personal preference. If you like and can afford BMW X6 there is no reason to look for alternatives. Purchasing a vehicle with same number of seats, better fuel economy and lower price might turn into regret because of not owning what you wish to drive.