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Top 25 five passenger cars under $5,000 to buy in 2013

Top 25 five passenger cars under $5,000


2002 Nissan Altima

Car Type:
Midsize Sedan 4D
Engine: 4-cyl, 2.5L, 175 hp
Fuel Economy: 20 City / 27 Hwy
Drive Type: FWD
105,000 – 115,000
Price Range:
$4,100 – $4,900

Cost of a used car

All prices on the best 25 cars list under $5,000 are approximate cost of a used 5 passenger vehicles in good condition and actual prices might vary greatly. There are many factors from condition of a vehicle to your negotiation ability will affect exact dollar amount the auto can be sold or purchased for. Particular car in good condition and 80,000 miles on odometer has higher value compare to same make and model vehicle with 160,000 poorly maintained.
Purchasing older auto is always risky venture and before writing a check or withdrawing money always make sure what you are paying for. If you do not have much of knowledge about cars it might be better to consult with professionals or even get a car inspected by mechanic. Always remember after sale completed all repairs are buyer responsibilities because older cheap autos normally are not a subject to any warranties especially if you are dealing with a private seller.