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Most fuel efficient cars of 2013

Top 10 most fuel efficient cars of 2013


2013 Scion iQ

MSRP from $15,495
Engine: 1.6L, 94 hp
Transmission: Automatic
Drive Type: Front-Wheel Drive
Body Type: 3-door hatchback
Seating: 4
Fuel Economy MPG (city/highway/combined): 36 / 37 / 36
Average 2.8 gallons of gas / 100 miles
Fuel Tank Capacity (gallons/liters): 8.5 / 32
Maximum miles on a single tank of gas (city/highway/combined):
306 / 314 / 314
Scion iQ is the best fuel economy car on our list.

Do you really need a big car?

Small compact or sub-compact vehicles equipped with economical gasoline powered engines could be very fuel-efficient. It might be wise for a single drivers or families with no children to purchase affordable car with economical internal combustion engine.
Our list excludes hybrid and electric vehicles.