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Job interview tips

In order to be successful on a job interview you need to be ready to win it. That’s why it is so important to be thoroughly prepared for this big day as much as possible and not only show, but proof that you are best of the best.

How to prepare for a job interview?

Initial preparation

- Do research about the company.

- Review the position descriptions. This will give you some idea which questions might be asked and which questions you should prepare for them.

- Read similar job interview questions and practice to answering them to your career couch, friend, family member, or at least in front of a mirror.

- Gather all things that you might need while on an interview. For example, make sure that you bring there with you a hard copy of your resume, list of professional references, list of questions for an interviewer, transcript, pen, paper, water, and direction.

- Print a map how to get whether by car or public transportation. You don’t want to get lost and be late for the interview.

- Rest (have a good night sleep before the interview).

Work on your look

- Dress appropriately because the first impression is critical.

- Do not put too much make up on if you are a woman.

- Do not use strong perfumes.

- Do not do extreme hairdo.

- Cut your hair if you are a man.

- Make yourself happy in the morning. You can achieve it by doing something pleasant. For example, eating a treat or listen to music. This should boost your mood and make you smile more than you usually do.

- Do not chew gum or smoke that morning.

- Remember that every detail is matter. Therefore, you should make sure that you look at your best.

Work on your performance

- Practice your speech. You need to present yourself in about 3 - 5 minutes. Don’t make it too long or too short. Select just major facts that you want to mention about yourself.

- Practice to answer similar job interview questions that you might hear from your interviewer.

- Record your voice while preparing to answer samples of job interview questions in order to see some areas that needs to be improved.

Avoid anything that might cause distractions

- Silence your phone.

- Do not use red lipstick if you are a woman.

- Do not use too dark eye shades.

- Do not spray strong perfumes right before the interview.

- Do not smoke or be near someone who smokes.

Do your best

- Answer questions thoroughly. Relate the answers to the job description you read the night before.

- Ask your own questions. It is not only okay to ask, but even necessary about the position or the company because it shows your interest in them. It is also essential for your own good because you need to know what you are going to deal with and what you should expect. However, avoid asking about compensations.

Finish the interview gratefully

- Smile.

- Thank the interviewer for the time and consideration.

- Send them a thank you letter after interview.