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How to lose weight after pregnancy


During the pregnancy every mother to be was told to gain some weight and you did hoping that after the labor your belly will flatten. In addition, you heard that maternity weight is easier and faster to lose. However, it wasn’t quite like that at all. Instead following labor you still look like 4-5 months pregnant and stubborn belly fat seems like will never vanish. Familiar situation? Now when you have your baby it is time to think about how to come back to your pre-pregnancy shape or lose even more than was before pregnancy.

When to expect to drop weight after pregnancy

Some women are able to melt almost all the pounds in about two weeks while others strugle for monthes. You shouldn’t hurry up with your weight loss, however. You need to be patient and do it slowly and wisely. Since you gained the body mass for about 9 months, it should take approximately that long to get rid of it. If you want to lose your weight it doesn’t necessary mean that you shouldn’t eat or be on a very strict diet. You maybe just need to intake reasonable amount of food or feed yourself less often. However, the fare consumed should be varied and balanced especially if you breastfeed.

Do physical exercises daily

Exercises play a big role in weight loss and your health overall. So some stretches, jogging, yoga or sometimes just to be with your child 24/7 can be a good enough workout. Even doing something relaxing activities like reading a book or knitting can surprisingly calm you down and help you not to think about food that is in your fridge which makes your breaks between meals longer. Try to lower your fare consumtion whenever possible.

Have a good night rest

Even though, it seems like impossible with newborn at home, but you need to have a good night sleep or have a nap during the day while your baby rests because if you will be too tired you will start to eat more to get some energy from fare.

Watch what you are eating

Many physicians say that breastfeeding will help you to melt fat. Maybe for some women it will do magic but many indicate that it doesn’t work for them at all. As the matter of fact, they feel more tired while breastfeed and start eating even more than during the pregnancy. Plus doctors and midwifes insist to keep taking prenatal vitamins that just create all conditions for extra weight gain. So be careful with all you eat and drink. Don’t intake too much just because you have an excuse that you are a breastfeeding mother. Normally amount of food won’t affect much quality of your breast milk anyway.

Try to avoid or take very small amount of such food and drinks as breads, any kind of sweats (junk food), soda, etc... In order to full somewhat your stomach prior taking any food it is recommended to drink one cup of water about half an hour before the meal. After that you won’t consume as much food as you usually intake. Some people say that they try to fool themselves by putting food in the smaller plates than usual. That way those individuals full their stomach less and still feel that they ate their regular portion. Others use their dishes as they used to but serve about 70-80% of vegetables and only small part of meats and starches such as corn, potatoes, rise, pasta, etc…

Find strong motivation

Since people have very different eating habits and some of them are able to lose weight faster while others slower, you should know your body and keep trying to do everything what might work for you. Remember that only real fighters win.

Medical Disclaimer

The author is not a doctor and the information in the article is general in nature with no medical advises given or imply. Talk to your doctor, nurse or medical advisor how to treat health related problems.