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How to find a job faster

Prepare your resume, cover letter, and thank you letter

Put everything together and then discuss your resume and cover letter with other people. For example, you can show those documents to your English instructor or Career advisor in order to find out their opinion about them. If for any reason you cannot do it, you might consider asking your family member or friend to read it. At least some other fresh set of eyes will see it and catch a typo or so (if any).

Don’t just search – add the resume along the way if necessary

Once your resume is done you need to compare what you have there with that you need to have in order to satisfy particular job requirements. You should realize that if you don’t have a certain skill that should you won’t be even considered for the position unless you will be able to update your resume. For example, you have a better chance to get a job if you would take a course to learn required software or to obtain some other skills if you didn’t have a chance to possess them earlier. Therefore, don’t think that the job seeking is only about sending resumes and cover letters. It is about analyzing the situation and improving yourself along the way when necessary. So, while you are job hunting you need to perform multi tasking as you would at a work place. You need to still keep mailing resumes, but in the evening you could take evening courses in order to have qualifications needed to match closely with what is required for certain job description.

Search for a job effectively

It is important also to send resumes and cover letters for only positions that match closely your job qualifications and don’t waste your time on all others. If you do so regardless, the outcome won’t be positive anyway. Another thing to do when you search a job on a staffing company website is to look on a posted date and how many applicants viewed the posting. Sometimes it is not worthwhile to send a resume for the post which is 3 days old or hundreds viewed already it. Usually recruiters contact first those whose qualifications match closely their requirements and who applied first. That’s why, it is necessary to sign up for alerts in order to be one of the first in line for the position and have a better chance if not getting it but at least be considered for it.

Make rational decisions

When you seek for a job and people say that you should take the job searching process seriously and as a full time job – they mean that. You need not only send thousands resumes everywhere possible, but feel applications, take tests and questionnaires which is very time consuming process. In fact, if you are actively searching this procedure might take more than 8 hours a day (weekends included). Be aware, however, if you don’t spend quality of time on completing that your chances of getting at least some job will be close to zero.